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Innovate: The Mangrove Mountain story

A low height image showing green produce growing in a greenhouse

Revolutionising Fresh Produce

Welcome to mangrove mountain. A perfect showcase for sustainable agriculture.

Agroecology in action

With global resources under constant pressure, the future of agriculture depends on a more sustainable approach to farming. Partnering with Agrology and TerraGuild, our investment in Mangrove Mountain will see an aging farm transformed into a showcase for sustainable, climate-smart farming practices. Efforts are in keeping with commercial considerations – critical for many farmers in an industry where low margins can be the norm, and a bad financial year devastating.

Combining a protected orchard and state of the art greenhouses, we will demonstrate the potential of organic growing systems, using agroecological principles and regenerative soil management. Together, they can be a cost effective way to reduce inputs and improve yields, while mitigating the risks associated with a changing climate.

Aerial photo of a farm with greenhouses, surrounded by a large forest
A closeup image of a shovel digging up fresh soil

Inspiring the future

The result is a more natural farming process that demonstrates a way to transition to more sustainable practices, improve the quality of land and produce, and inspiring growers for generations to come.