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The world is ripe for change

More than ever,
we need to achieve
more with less.

Photograph of a smiling farmer using digital technology in a greenhouse

Who we are

We are active investors in a collective of innovative agriculture businesses. Together we’re setting a new standard of sustainable, fresh produce and systems.
A bucket full of freshly picked grapes into a large container of more grapes

The world is abundant, and constantly evolving. But progress is not without its challenges. More than ever, we need to achieve more with less.

To feed a growing population. Without waste. Without compromise. This is the goal we strive for.

A bee on a bright yellow flower
Healthier PeopleHealthier PlanetHealthier PeopleHealthier PlanetHealthier PeopleHealthier Planet
A farmer checking crops growing inside of a greenhouse

We enhance food quality

Everyone has the right to enjoy nutritious food. By improving standards, and cultivating healthier, more affordable alternatives, we unlock better quality options for all.

An overhead image of a woman checking fresh produce in a greenhouse

We reduce water consumption

Responsible consumption and production is crucial to sustainability. And few resources matter as much as water. Across our businesses, we strive to do more with less.

A garden hoe being planted into fresh dirt

We improve land quality

Life on earth depends on diverse natural environments, yet the degradation of soil contributes to land desertification. We look for ways to help nature restore the balance in the land, while reaching its production potential.

A broccoli in a see through eco friendly bag

We reduce waste

When production comes at an environmental cost, and food is in high demand, waste is unacceptable. From shelf-life to transportation, we innovate and do all we can to reduce it.

A farmer checking crops growing inside of a greenhouse

Our ambitions align with the UN’s Global Goals for sustainable development.

Our Initiatives

RipePlanet innovates to set the standard in sustainable fresh produce for all. Our initiatives take a long term view, for mutual rewards.
Closeup image of Queen Garnet plums

Our collective

We know that we are stronger together, and to cultivate a better future needs many hands. We partner with innovative agriculture businesses who recognise the world is ripe for change.

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