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Grow: Queen Garnet, The Antioxidant Plum

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A New Superfood

This is no ordinary plum. Meet the Queen of Antioxidants.

Unlocking Wellbeing Potential

100% Australian. 100% natural. Developed by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, The Queen Garnet plum is ‘the queen of antioxidants’.

Nutrafruit, part of the RipePlanet Collective, have the exclusive license to market the plum. Now grown all over Australia, it’s made a big impact, and when in season, can be found in supermarkets nationwide.

Inspired by its potential, leading Australian universities and scientific organisations are conducting exciting research to continue exploring the potential health benefits of the Queen Garnet plum. Their efforts will help guide future marketing strategies, and strengthen the plum’s position as a premium product with global appeal.

The Queen Garnet plum is the perfect example of RipePlanet’s commitment to the development of scientifically backed natural products, and the cultivation of healthier alternatives to the food we enjoy every day.

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Independent researchers of the Queen Garnet.

The University of Queensland Australia
University of Wollongong Australia
Victoria University Melbourne Australia
Queensland Government
University of Southern Queensland
A closeup of the Queen Garnet powder sachets front and back

Turning Waste Into Opportunity

The perfect sweet union of taste and wellbeing, Queen Garnet plums are cherished by nutritionists and worshipped by foodies. But because most grocery stores like perfectly sized and shaped fruit, a small percentage of the prized plums were going to waste.

To combat this, and help people enjoy the goodness of Queen Garnet plums all year round, Nutrafruit developed a range of value-add products. Customers can now enjoy Queen Garnet nectar, powder, prebiotic and probiotic chewables – great wellbeing alternatives when the fruit they love is out of season. Reducing waste, while creating more ways to enjoy the majestic Queen Garnet plum, – it’s a win for farmers, consumers and the environment.

Find out more, and try the products for yourself, on the Queen Garnet website.

Visit the Queen
"There are very few products that have the research to support being a 'functional food' but Queen Garnet can hang its hat on that."Luke CouchNutrafruit - Chief Executive Officer