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Our Initiatives: Cultivating a better future

We’re revolutionising fresh produce and its origin story, pursuing bolder ways to innovate, smarter ways to grow, and better ways to plan, move, store and share produce.

As a result, we inspire, educate, and empower, for a healthier, sustainable future.

Bolder ways 
to innovate

Exploring new and overlooked produce varieties and farming practices, in the search for nutrition and resilience.

A farmer in a bright greenhouse, inspecting growing produce
Fresh green produce inside a large brightly lit greenhouse

Smarter ways 
to grow

Developing and scaling smarter ways of farming that work alongside nature.

A large wheeled scanning and farming robot in a large green field
Closeup image of young growing wheat

Better ways 
to share

Connecting farmers and marketplaces, sharing knowledge and re-imagining the way produce is protected, preserved and delivered.

A farmer in a vineyard, reaching out to test the firmness of a fruit off the vine
A vineyard inside of a greenhouse, with ripening produce displayed

Our initiatives

RipePlanet innovates to set the standard in sustainable fresh produce for all. Our initiatives take a long term view, for mutual rewards.